Presentations from Past CNLsm Conferences

2011 Clinical Nurse Leader Summit
CNL Partnerships: Opportunities for Coordination, Collaboration, and Care Redesign
January 20-22, 2011
Miami, FL

2010 Clinical Nurse Leader Summit
On the Leading Edge of Healthcare Reform
January 21-23, 2010
San Diego, CA

2009 Clinical Nurse Leader Summit
CNLs Leading Microsystems Improvement: The Link to Quality and Safety
January 29-31, 2009
New Orleans, Louisiana

Master’s Education Conference
Shaping the Future of Master’s Education in Nursing
February 21-23, 2008
Highlights and Pitfalls: Transitioning Toward the CNL and DNP

  • Jane M. Kirschling, DNS, RN, Dean, College of Nursing, University of Kentucky, Lexington KY
  • Eileen Breslin, PhD, RN, Dean and Professor, School of Nursing, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA
  • Carol Harrison, EdD, RN, Chair, Division of Nursing, Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL

2008 January CNL Partnership Conference
Tucson, Arizona

Speaker Presentations:

2006 June CNL Partnership Meetings

All CNL education and practice partners are encouraged to attend one of the two meetings which are scheduled for June 1-2, 2006 in Denver, CO and June 15-16, 2006 in Cleveland, OH. The meetings will begin early the first day and conclude by early afternoon on the second day. The focus of the meetings will be transforming the health care delivery environment, integrating the CNL, and sustaining change. Partnerships also are encouraged to bring staff nurses, CNL students, practicing CNLs and any other stakeholders to the meetings.

AONE Conference, April 15-19, 2005

The following slide show was presented at the 2005 AONE Conference. This excellent reference was created by Joan Shinkus Clark and Janet Maloney and describes The Twelve Bed Hospital.

Innovation in Professional Care Delivery: The Twelve Bed Hospital© (PDF)
Joan Shinkus Clark RN, MSN, CNAA, BC
Janet Maloney RN, BC, MSM

CNL Faculty Development Workshop, August 9, 2005

AACN will present the first CNL Faculty Development Pre-Conference at the University of Kansas School of Nursing in Kansas City, KS. All academic and clinical faculty participating in the CNL project are invited to attend this workshop which will facilitate designing master's curriculum, developing didactic and clinical experiences, preparing preceptors, and shaping immersion experiences. Educators will have an opportunity to learn strategies and lessons from the CNL Implementation Task Force, the Curriculum Committee and other faculty already engaged in the development and implementation of the CNL program at their institutions.

The CNL pre-conference workshop precedes a two-day conference co-sponsored by AACN and the Plexus Institute titled Complexity Science: Opportunities for Nursing Education on August 10-11, 2005. This introduction to complexity science is designed for pioneering educators who are committed to making major improvements to nursing education, research, practice and leadership by tapping the latest advances in science.

PowerPoint Presentations

Details on both programs can be found at

CNL Regional Conferences, January-April 2005

The CNL Implementation Task Force held the first series of regional meetings to assist education-practice partnerships in their work to develop CNL programs. The following conferences were held. (Click on the conference dates to see the agendas.)

Washington, DC
San Diego, CA
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL

January 27-28, 2005
February 16-17, 2005
February 24-25, 2005
March 31-April 1, 2005
April 13-14, 2005


CNL Implementation Conference: June 16-17, 2004

On June 16-17, 2004, AACN held the first CNL implementation meeting in Washington, DC with representatives from 79 education-practice partnerships who are committed to developing and launching a CNL pilot program. Topics included the curriculum framework for CNL education, the partnership care delivery model and outcomes measurement.

This conference was partially funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

CNL Pre-Conference: October 24-25, 2003

On October 24 and 25, 2003, AACN held a pre-conference prior to the Fall Semiannual Meeting that focused on the design and implementation of education and practice models for the Clinical Nurse Leader. Nursing institutions and their practice partners came together to explore how this new nursing role can be integrated into the practice setting.

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