Showcasing Curriculum Grant Innovations

AACN administers The John A. Hartford Foundation funded Enhancing Geriatric Nursing Education for Baccalaureate and Advanced Practice Nursing Programs, an initiative that supports gerontology curriculum development and new clinical experiences in 30 selected baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs. With their funding, grant recipients instituted highly impressive curricular innovations.

During the next several months, AACN will showcase these innovations individually. We encourage nursing faculty and administrators to use these articles as a resource to replicate, develop, and/or expand upon the awardees' fine work. In this way, we may create a continuously evolving curriculum model that advances the highest quality of nursing care for older Americans.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Penn State Team Up at AACN's
2006 Master's Conference to Share Lessons Leaned/Knowledge Gleaned
March 2006
University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Penn State

The Valparaiso Experience: Curriculum Redesign Welcomes Gerontological Innovation, February 2006
Valparaiso University

The SUNY at Stony Brook Experience: Web Based Innovations and More January 2006
SUNY Stony Brook

The Illinois State University Experience: University Culture Values Competency in Care of Elderly December 2005
llinois State University

The Grand Valley Experience: Evolution of a Gerontology-Rich Program November 2005
Grand Valley State University

Curriculum Redesign: Benefits and Liabilities October 2005
The University of California San Francisco School of Nursing

Gerontological Nursing Care September 2005
University of Missouri Columbia

Self Assessment of Geriatric Knowledge and Concepts in Geriatric Care July 2005
Western University

Nursing Care of Older Adults June 2005
Florida International University

Views of Aging Through Literature and Art and International Perspectives on Issues of Aging, May 2005
Otterbein College

Mental Health of Older Adults & Mental Health Interventions with Older Adults, April 2005
Case Western Reserve University

Geropsychiatric Nursing Practicum and Geropsychiatric Nursing Theory, March 2005
University of Arkansas

Geriatric Nursing, February 2005
Fairfield University

Holistic Approach to Promotion of Successful Aging and Risk Reduction, January 2005
Tuskegee University

Geriatric Nursing, December 2004
Metropolitan State University

Foundations of Nursing Practice with Older Adults, November 2004
University of Rhode Island

Contemporary Gerontological Nursing, August 2004
Drexel University

End-of-Life Care Course, July 2004
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Senior Mentor Project, June 2004
New York University

Legal, Ethical and Societal Issues on Aging, May 2004
University of Delaware

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