Mailing List Rental

AACN makes two mailing lists available in a one-up, pressure-sensitive label format for one-time use only. AACN does not offer lists electronically, (i.e. word or excel). Labels are sorted by zip code, unless you specify otherwise. Each label is addressed to the dean at the school of nursing.



AACN member schools (>660)

AACN Members - $50
Nonprofit, kindred organizations - $200
For-profit organizations $300

AACN member schools
and nonmember schools (>815)

AACN Members - $100
Nonprofit, kindred organizations - $250
For-profit organizations - $350

Use Policy

AACN's mailing labels are reserved for one-time use only. They may not be photocopied or otherwise duplicated, or entered into a temporary or permanent database (this includes re-typing names into the greeting of correspondence accompanying your mailing). Your signed agreement to adhere to this policy must accompany your order (see the attached form). Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement may result in legal action.

Placing an Order

Complete and sign the order form below and return it with a sample of the mailing piece. All orders must include a sample. A draft sample is acceptable if the printed piece is not available. Phone orders are not accepted. Please allow five to ten working days for delivery. AACN reserves the right to refuse any order. ALL sales are final; NO returns are permitted.

Name _____________________________

Phone Number __________________________

Email Address ______________________________________________________

VISA or MASTERCARD # _________________________________________________

Expiration Date _____________________

Card Verification Code ________________
(the 3-4 digit number on the card's signature panel)

Please fax credit card payments to our secure fax at 202-463-1315.

If paying by check or money order, please return completed form with payment to:

American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)
PO Box 418350
Boston, MA 02241-8350

Mailing List Rental

Order Form and Use Agreement

Please indicate which list you wish to order and the rate for which you qualify:
_____ AACN member schools (>670)  
_____ AACN Member - $50
_____ Nonprofit, kindred organization - $200
_____ For-profit organization - $300
_____ AACN member and nonmember schools (>825)  
_____ AACN Member - $100
_____ Nonprofit, kindred organization - $250
_____ For-profit organization - $350

_____$50 discount for exhibitors utilizing labels for an AACN conference at which they are exhibiting at.

Special label or shipping requirements:

Ship to:    ________________________________________________________________
             (Name)                                  (Phone)

             (Address - No PO Box Numbers)

              (City)                                (State)         (Zip)
Purchase                        Federal Express/UPS account
order #:_________________       number for next day delivery:   ______________________
                                                               (indicate FedEx or UPS)

We agree to use the requested labels only once and only for mailing 
the materials submitted with this order. We understand that all sales are final. 
We will not duplicate the labels or their contents by any method, nor enter them into a database, as outlined in AACN's Use Policy.
We further agree that if AACN incurs legal fees or other costs
in enforcing this Agreement in the event of a breach by us,
then we shall be liable for and shall pay any and all such costs.
Signature of authorized representative                       Date

Please contact Candace Crowell-Boyd at if you have any questions.

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