BONUS exists to advance and enhance the professional skills of personnel working in the administration of nursing education in the areas of business, technology, finance, and administration within nursing schools, and to facilitate networking among members of the Business Officers of Nursing group.  It also facilitates communications between the staff and officers of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the business officers of member schools.  Visit the BONUS website at http://www.bonus.aacn.nche.edu.


 “Fall Newsletter” 

December 2000

To:                 Deans and Business Officers of Nursing Schools

From:             Cathy Reas, President



The BONUS Steering Committee met in Tuscon on October 13 to plan the BONUS Conference to be held there April 25-27, 2001.  The Westward Look Resort is well-known by AACN representatives as inexpensive, reliable, and accommodating with an array of fun things to do.  Our experience there was no exception.  This resort has frequently been the site for Faculty Practice Conferences in the past.  Check it out at the Westward Look website, http://www.coastalhotel.com/arizona/tucson/westward_resort.html.

This year's BONUS Conference theme is "BONUS 2001 - Solutions That Work".  We are focusing primarily on topics that BONUS members requested in the 2000 Conference survey - distance education via the Internet and student recruitment.  We will also have sessions on faculty practice, research issues, and breakout sessions on technology and recruitment.  This is just a two-day conference, though, so some sessions will be simultaneous - attendees may have some hard choices about what to attend! 

More information will be forthcoming in the BONUS Conference brochure that will be mailed in February 2001. 


I would like to encourage Deans to send their business officers.  Attending my first BONUS conference was extraordinarily helpful to me professionally, and it enhanced the value I brought to my Dean.  I kicked myself for not going the previous year when my Dean (now Associate Provost Fay Raines) encouraged me to go!  BONUS enables collaborative discussion about Nursing school administrative issues and often provides colleagues with answers or guidance for perplexing problems.  BONUS is a tremendous resource in that regard.  Many Deans have used the BONUS ListServe to gather specific information among Nursing schools nationwide. 

BONUS Conferences are not just limited to business officers, though.  Other associate and assistant deans have attended BONUS sessions in the past.  This year, because we hope to hear from speakers who have "succeeded" in distance education via the Internet and "succeeded" in student recruitment, I will not be surprised to see many more deans attending. 



I would also like to ask Deans to encourage their business officers to run for office.   

Every year during the BONUS business session we elect new officers to serve on the Steering Committee.  This year we are seeking nominations for President-Elect, Secretary, Nominating Committee Chair, and Networking Committee Chair.  Briefly, the President-Elect is a 3-year commitment to serve as President-Elect, President, and then Past President.  The Secretary is a 2-year commitment to keep the minutes of the meetings, the annual membership meeting, and any other special meetings called by the Steering Committee; the Secretary works with the President to obtain and distribute financial reports.  The Nominating Committee Chair presents a slate of candidates for all the Steering Committee offices, runs the elections, and compiles lists of potential committee members for the Chairs; this is a 2-year commitment.  The Networking Committee Chair, also a 2-year commitment, proposes and implements networking strategies, manages the BONUS Web site, and provides periodic newsletters and updates.   More complete descriptions of the responsibilities of these offices are in the BONUS By-Laws at http://www.bonus.aacn.nche.edu. 

In addition to the annual conference, Steering Committee officers are asked to attend a meeting in the Fall to plan the Spring conference.  Officers may receive up to $100 from AACN to cover otherwise non-reimbursed BONUS related travel expenses. 



Shortly after making Tuscon arrangements, our AACN liaison, Jennifer Ahearn, extended a special offer to BONUS for the 2002 conference to be at an excellent conferencing hotel on Sanibel Island, Florida, with a much lower cost than they typically charge.  AACN Deans’ conferences have been held there.  For those of you planning ahead, the 2002 conference on Sanibel Island will be held May 1-3, 2002.