From Your Steering Committee

July 2000

BONUS Members!

This is a great name for our group!  Business people in other schools within universities don't always have our kind of cohesive group or a listserve to zero in on the specific issues inherent in their types of schools.  So there's no natural support group for them to get answers for their Deans or learn about better ways of doing things from people representing their kinds of schools elsewhere.  Being a part of this group is a BONUS!

But there are several 'real' reasons for my writing. 

1.  I want to encourage participation (if you've not already submitted - and MANY have) in the Fourth Annual Benchmarking Survey.  The July 24 deadline is approaching fast.  Your Deans were sent information about this in May that might or might not have been passed along to you.  Unless a paper survey is requested (by contacting Janis Stennett at AACN, jstennett@aacn.nche.edu), surveys must be completed online this year.  The School ID and Passwords for each school are in the information that was sent to each Dean.  You can contact Janis or Dr. Linda Berlin at 202-463-6930 if you need to talk with them.  Also, if you plan to complete the survey, but can't make the July 24 deadline, please call Janis or Linda and let them know about when they can expect your data.  (This is helpful to them; if another Dean wants her school benchmarked against yours but your data is not yet available, they can call that Dean to ask if she wants to wait a week or two until your data arrives.)  Give me a call if you are new to BONUS or just wonder how Benchmarking might be helpful to you.  Oh, and upon logging-in, the first instruction is to print out a survey so you'll have a reference hard copy for collecting the data. 

2.  Visit our updated website at http://www.bonus.aacn.nche.edu to see Minutes of the April 2000 Business Meeting which were approved by the Steering Committee.  Feel free to reply to me or Lisa Miller, Secretary (millelh@nursing.ufl.edu) if you have comments about the minutes.  Contact me or Alan Johns, Networking Chair (adjohns@emory.edu) if you have comments about the website.  Thanks.

3.  At the end of the April conference, we passed around three papers to collect edits and changes in your contact information as listed in the Membership pages of our website.  I was able to get only two of those papers to the Membership and Networking Chairs to update the web pages so I am pretty sure some information is not up-to-date.  Please check your listing to make sure we have current contact information about you.  We will want to make sure we have correct names, institutions, business addresses, phones, faxes, and email addresses.  Also, feel free reply with information to for us to check out if you think a sister school has a new business officer who isn't listed - copy those replies to Anne Phillips, Membership Chair (aphillip@com1.med.usf.edu).  Thanks.

4.  Mark your calendars for BONUS conferences!  Next year we will be in Tuscon, Arizona, April 25-27, 2001; Jennifer Ahearn will probably have conference flyers to your institutions by early February.  Then for the 2002 Conference we will be on Sanibel Island, Florida, May 1-3, 2002. 

5.  Susie Miller, Nominating Chair, stands ready to receive nominations for BONUS officers and committee chairs all the time.  If you would like to be an officer or committee chair and your school will support your involvement on the Steering Committee - don't be shy, please call or email Susie Miller (334-844-6750, millesj@auburn.edu). 

6.  The Steering Committee will gather in October to plan the April 2001 Conference and we will discuss pursuing many of the ideas that came from last April's sessions.  Please continue to provide your comments, suggestions, and topics of interest to explore for the conferences.  You can send those to John Coles, Special Projects Chair (colesjw@uab.edu) or Selena Swartzfager, Planning Chair (sswartzfager@son.umsmed.edu) or Susan Donelan, Past President (donelan@bc.edu).

7.  The By-Laws will also be scrutinized in October.  Lynn Shull, President Elect (shulll@musc.edu) is heading up efforts to develop By-Laws proposals for membership consideration next April.  They, too, are in the BONUS website for your review, and Lynn would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and ideas for insuring we have ideal By-Laws going forward.

I am proud that we have a very capable and responsive Steering Committee and hope you will feel free to be in touch with any/all of us.  I appreciate hearing from each of you. 

Cathy Reas, Vanderbilt
BONUS President
615-343-0615, fax 615-343-2622