Volume VIII, Number 1 
Spring Issue 
March, 1999
Business Officers of Nursing Schools
14th Annual Meeting

Nursing Programs: Preparing for the Next Millennium

April 28-30, 1999
Charleston Suites at the Market
Charleston, South Carolina

By Lynn Shull, Planning Committee Chair and Business Manager, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

Time for the annual meeting is getting close! Charleston, South Carolina will be the host April 28 - 30th. In addition to the wonderful meeting planned, it is a great time of year to explore the city. The Charleston Suites at the Market is within walking distance of walking tours as well as most carriage tours of the "Holy City". Charleston's Waterfront Park is two short blocks away, with breathtaking views of the Historic Charleston Harbor. In fact, our Harbor Dinner Cruise on Thursday night leaves from that very point. Don't miss it! A cruise is also available from this location of Historic Fort Sumter for all of the history buffs. For those of you interested in plantation tours or a round of golf, it can easily be arranged. Many of the city's restaurants are within a few blocks of our meeting site as well. We will take advantage of these on Wednesday night as we get our groups together to dine. Bring your running/walking shoes for Thursday morning - we may all need to get in some exercise after the "southern hospitality"! Please check the following Web sites for additional details: or . The Charleston Visitor's Center can also be reached by phone at (843) 853-8000.

The agenda for our meeting is very exciting. The theme of the program, "Nursing Programs: Preparing for the Next Millennium", will encompass student recruitment issues, distance education technology, as well as updates on benchmarking and creative revenue generation. Our Wednesday afternoon program will kick off with a presentation by the Dean of the Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing on "Student Recruitment and Retention and the Image of Nursing".


A panel discussion, led by the BONUS Special Projects Committee, will then follow to discuss specific strategies that have worked at various institutions. Thursday will be devoted to distance education and related issues. Mark Koyanagi from UNC-Chapel Hill will lead us through the technology related to distance education, and then Geoff Freeman from MUSC will discuss costs, legal, and marketing issues related to distance education programs. In the afternoon, Dr. Diana Billings from Indiana University will share with us a presentation on "Benchmarking Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in Web Courses". We will finish the program with our annual BONUS business meeting and elections. Friday will be the day for our updates on the AACN Benchmarking project as well as creative revenue generation. We will conclude with our annual "dealing with it" section and program wrap up and evaluation.

Hope to see you in Charleston very soon. I know you will love everything the city has to offer and trust you will find the program both informative and useful.

A Note from the President

I hope you like the new format of the BONUS web site. As you can see, there are more pictures of BONUS members on the new site. The pictures should help everyone recognize some of the BONUS members who have attended the annual meetings and the members who serve as officers of the organization. The most exciting change to the BONUS web page is something behind the scenes of the membership directory. By using a cutting edge tool called Cold Fusion, Mark Koyanagi has linked a BONUS membership information database to the web, which allows member records to be added, updated, and deleted with ease. Another feature of Cold Fusion is the ability to access the linked database on-line. This feature makes it possible for the BONUS Membership Committee Chair to make changes directly to the membership directory and keep the membership information current. There are three areas of the web site (BONUS member/school news, employment opportunities, and Special Projects Committee reports) that have not been used very much during the past year. I hope we will realize the value of providing up-to-date information in these sections of the BONUS web site as part of this organization's effort to facilitate networking among its members. I applaud the development of the BONUS listserv by Julie Entzminger. It is an excellent tool for communicating with fellow BONUS members and has superseded the BONUS discussion forum. Now that BONUS has both a web site and a listserv, all BONUS members should take full advantage of the networking opportunities provided by this great organization!

I am sure you are looking forward to the annual meeting in Charleston. The Planning and Steering Committees have designed an excellent program for the meeting. Also, the "southern hospitality" of Charleston should make this a memorable gathering; complete with walking tours, carriage rides, plantation tours and a planned Harbor Dinner Cruise for BONUS members on Thursday night. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this meeting due to personal reasons. My wife is scheduled to deliver our baby girl on April 27! It is an exciting time for me, but I am disappointed that the timing of this blessed event will prevent me from joining you in Charleston. I have always looked forward to the BONUS annual meetings and this will be the first one I have missed since joining the organization nine years ago. I thank Susan Donelan and Lynn Shull for covering my responsibilities at the upcoming meeting. I plan to repay them during the 2000 BONUS Meeting in Denver. During April 28-30, I will be thinking of all of you and the wonderful time you are having in Charleston.

I have enjoyed serving as the president of BONUS this year. The officers on the Steering Committee have been great to work with because they are excited about this organization and they are dedicated to helping their business colleagues at other schools of nursing. We are anxious to meet your needs, so don't hesitate to send us information you would like to share with other BONUS members or ideas you have about how to improve the networking among business officers of nursing schools. Thank you for your interest in BONUS.

Brad Volk
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Brad Volk
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Phone: 919-966-4266
Fax: 919-966-1280

Susan Donelan
President Elect
Boston College
Phone: 617-552-4253
Fax: 617-552-0931

Nancy McNiel
Past President
University of Texas - Houston HSC
Phone: 713-500-2010
Fax: 713-500-2007

Kathryn Whitenight
Brigham Young University
Phone: 801-378-7189
Fax: 801-378-3198

Julie Entzminger
Membership Committee Chair
University of North Dakota
Phone: 701-777-4516
Fax: 701-777-4096

Anthony Roberts
Networking Committee Chair
Georgia State University
Phone: 404-651-1580
Fax: 404-651-3231

Susie Miller
Nominating Committee Chair
Auburn University
Phone: 334-844-6750
Fax: 334-844-4177

Lynn Shull
Planning Committee Chair
Medical University of SC
Phone: 843-792-2652
Fax: 843-792-9258

Sandy Neiman
Special Projects Committee Chair
Indiana University
Phone: 317-274-4291
Fax: 317-274-2996


Nominating Committee Report
By Susie Miller
Auburn University

Congratulations to the officers and committee chairs that were elected during the BONUS meeting in Seattle. In addition to the responsibilities of their offices, they will serve on the BONUS steering committee and help establish the direction for the next annual BONUS meeting in Charleston.

Election Results

President Elect (1998-99)
     Susan Donelan, Boston College

Secretary (1998-99)
     Kathy Whitenight, Brigham Young University

Chair, Planning Committee (1998-2000)
     Lynn Shull, Medical University of South Carolina

Chair, Membership Committee (1998-2000)
     Julie Entzminger, University of North Dakota

Chair, Special Projects Committee (1998-2000)
     Sandy Neiman, Indiana University


President (1998-99)
     Brad Volk, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chair, Networking Committee (1997-1999)
     Anthony Roberts, Georgia State University

Chair, Nominating Committee (1997-1999)
     Susie Miller, Auburn University

The Nominating Committee's responsibility is to prepare a slate of candidates each year for the officers and chairs of the standing committees of BONUS. The members of the Nominating Committee are:

    Susie Miller, Chair, Auburn University
    Linda Bantle, Saint Louis University
    Dan Junior, Yale University
    Deanna Lynch, University of Utah
    Kathy Whitenight, Brigham Young University
    Donna Williams, University of Tennessee Memphis

Biographical data sheets will be available at the BONUS registration table for those who have agreed to run for offices. Additional nominations can be submitted from the floor during the business meeting. The following positions are available:

President-Elect (1999-2000) - The president-elect serves as the vice president and an apprentice to the president before serving a one-year term as president.

Secretary (1999-2001) - The secretary keeps minutes for the annual BONUS meeting and the Steering Committee meetings, serves as the custodian of all BONUS records, conducts official correspondence, distributes the current roster of members, and provides reports as requested.

Chair, Networking Committee (1999-2001) - The Networking Committee Chair directs the activities of the Networking Committee. He/she is responsible for proposing and implementing networking strategies, publishing the periodic BONUS newsletters, and identifying issues to be addressed at the annual BONUS meeting.

Chair, Nominating Committee (1999-2001) - The Nominating Committee Chair directs the activities of the Nominating Committee and presents a slate of candidates for the election of officers. He/she is responsible for running the annual elections and compiling a list of potential committee members for the Planning, Membership, Nominating, and Networking Committees.


See ya'll in Charleston


By Sandy Neiman
Indiana University

The committee has focused its efforts on planning some of the sessions for the Charleston meeting. Richard Ippolito and John Coles are co-chairing a subcommittee planning the Wednesday afternoon discussion about student recruitment. The session will include a discussion of how past enrollments can help us predict the future followed by a discussion of what recruitment strategies have worked or not worked for us. As part of this preparation, Carolyn Miller e-mailed the survey given to us at the 1998 BONUS meeting to allow anyone who did not complete the survey at that time another opportunity to do so. The findings will be reported to the group at the meeting. Thursday will be devoted to distance education. Linda Aversa and George Gunderson are co-chairing a subcommittee planning one session on that day which will consider educational value of distance education. We will also distribute a survey at the meeting to assess where schools are in the development of their distance education initiatives, which we will then share with the membership.

On Friday morning, Cathy Reas will update the membership on the benchmarking project. Many of our committee have requested special reports and are very pleased with the information benchmarking data has provided.

A panel of three (Leai Ho, Cathy Reas, and Carolyn Miller) will share some very creative revenue producing ideas their schools have implemented this past year.

Special Projects Committee Members

Linda Aversa,
Alleghany Univ. of the HS
Linda Bantle,
Saint Louis University
Betty Bontas,
Wayne State University
John Coles,
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
George Gunderson,
University of Kansas
Marilyn Hargrave,
U. of Alabama -Huntsville
Leai Ho,
Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Richard Ippolito,
Univ. of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Bill Middlebrook,
Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Ed.
Carolyn Miller,
Texas Tech University - HSC
Cathy Reas,
Vanderbilt University

See you in Charleston in April.

Membership Committee Report

By Julie Entzminger
University of North Dakota
Membership Committee Chair

Membership Directory

Several changes have been made to the membership directory this year. The biggest change is that the directory is now available only at the BONUS home page (, rather than in a printed and bound version. Having the directory on-line will allow us to continually update the information, with the benefit to you of being able to get current information with a few clicks of a mouse button. However, that does mean that it's up to each of you to inform me of changes to your directory information as soon as possible.

Another change to the directory is the removal of the job responsibility information. With the constant changes in peoples' duties, and uncertainty about the definition of some of the responsibilities listed, this set of data was becoming inaccurate and therefore of limited use. Besides, with the variety of duties that most Business Officers have, it would be much easier to just have one responsibility listed: "other duties as assigned!"

As you'll see when visiting the home page, most of the sections of the bound membership directory have been duplicated in the electronic version: e.g. Steering Committee (Officers), Committees, By-Laws, and Membership Directory, alphabetical both by person and by state. One section that you will not find at the BONUS site is the information section on Schools of Nursing. However, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) web site, at, contains a list of AACN's 530 member schools, alphabetically by state, including links to more than 260 schools of nursing with web sites. You can either access it through AACN's home page, or go straight to the directory at

BONUS Distribution List

In keeping with BONUS' shift to increased use of e-mail and the Internet, we have created the BONUS listserv, or distribution list. The purpose of this list is to make it easier to communicate with your fellow BONUS members, and to eliminate the need for everyone to maintain lists of e-mail addresses.

For example, if you have an issue at your institution and would like to know how it is handled at other institutions, this feature will allow you to send all your fellow BONUS members a message and request information, simply by sending one message to one address. The message will "magically" be distributed to everyone who is subscribed to the BONUS list. You could use that same method when you want to send everyone that great joke you just received via e-mail! Currently, there are 106 BONUS members subscribed to the listserv. If you would like to subscribe, e-mail me at and I will add you to the list.


Remember, check out the BONUS web page - a lot of work has gone into its creation and upkeep, and we want to make sure that it serves the needs of the BONUS members. Especially take the time to look at your membership information, and let me know if any changes need to be made. Information can be sent to me through any of the usual channels: mail, phone, fax, or e-mail. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in Charleston!

Julie A. Entzminger
Business Officer
UND College of Nursing
Box 9025 University Station
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9025
Phone: 701-777-4516
Fax: 701-777-4096

1998-1999 Membership Committee

Leai Ho, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Renetta Johnson, University of North Dakota
Dan Junior, Yale University
Gay Martin, Southern Illinois State University
Jill Oroszi, Wright State University
Carol Whatley, University of Alabama
Donna Williams, University of Tennessee - Memphis

The Networking Committee produced this Newsletter. A thank you to all the committee chairs for submitting committee reports for the Newsletter and special thanks to Paula Echols, Georgia State Univ. for editorial assistance, and to Brad Volk for posting the Newsletter on the BONUS web-site.

Networking Committee
Anthony Roberts, Chair, Georgia State University
Terry Morris, Georgia State University
Selena Swartzfager, University of Mississippi