President’s Update – June 10, 2004


It has been two months since our conference in Seattle. And much has happened since. I believe we had a record number of new members who attended for the first time this year, and I hope each of you were made to feel comfortable and as welcome as I did when I attended my first meeting in 1987. Since that time, I have missed only one meeting and I owe my longevity in much to the support, professional camaraderie and to getting involved and staying involved. Taking an active role in BONUS is something I highly recommend as a way to get the most out of this wonderful organization. I am hopeful that each of you returned to your workplace energized and eager to hit the ground running to attack the challenges that face each of us at our respective schools of nursing. Although I take my job very serious as I know we all do, I have always tried to have fun in my job and on occasion have felt guilty about having way too much fun……but thanks to Selena Swartzfager and the planning committee under the leadership of Tricia Satkowski Harper who organized such a wonderful and rich program, the concepts of the FISH! Philosophy were introduced and helped to legitimize the concept of having fun on the job. The four basic concepts are · PLAY · MAKE THEIR DAY · BE THERE · CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE. I encourage you to visit for more information on this exciting motivational program.

I want you to know that your steering committee has met twice since our April conference. In addition to our October Steering committee meeting, we will be meeting several times throughout the year via conference calls and will be in constant communication with several goals in mind. The following are some of the highlights and on-going projects of your steering committee:

  • Updating and Enhancing the BONUS website
  • Posting Q &A summaries from Listserve on website
  • Posting member photos on the Web
  • Updating membership lists
  • Pursuing more corporate sponsorship for Annual meetings
  • Working with AACN to promote BONUS to the Deans
  • Planning for next years DC 20th Anniversary Conference
  • Continuing to build and solicit BONUS archives

With your input and final recommendations of the steering committee members, we have selected New Orleans as the site for the 2006 conference. I will be providing periodic updates on the progress and actions being taken by your steering committee. As an elected body of the whole, the steering committee works on your behalf with the goal of continually moving forward to provide what you, our constituents want for BONUS. Your input is needed and wanted to insure we continue to move forward in the direction desired by each of you.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to announce our latest honorary member---Jennifer Ahearn. Jennifer is with AACN and as such has supported BONUS for well over 15 years. And, I can’t imagine BONUS without Jennifer’s sustained guidance, expertise, good judgment, and attention to detail. Jennifer tends to the myriad of details on our behalf not only for the annual conferences, but throughout the year as well. Thank you Jennifer for all you do, and congratulations on being our newest honorary member.

Please stay tuned for more updates throughout the year and please checkout the Bonus website featuring highlights that DC has to offer for our April 20-22, 2005 Anniversary BONUS conference.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of your steering committee:

Rudy Gomez
BONUS President and Assistant to the Dean

Univeristy of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

School of Nursing

PS: just for fun, you may want to visit :

You may find a few familiar faces in this photo gallery as a remembrance of our evening at the Palisade in Seattle.


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