05-06 BONUS Newsletter


Tricia Satkowski - President:

Greetings fellow BONUS members – new and returning! I hope you all have gotten the New Year off to a GREAT start. With each New Year, we have a time to set new goals and reprioritize things in our lives – whether it is work, personal, or other.

I missed the 20th Anniversary meeting in Washington, DC in April 2005 for several reasons. I was awaiting a liver transplant at the time and had been advised that I could not travel outside of a 45 minute radius of the hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas while I was waiting. As many of you are aware, I didn’t receive my transplant in the spring – or the summer. I received the call on November 11th and was transplanted on November 12th. I have been restored to health thanks to the skill of my surgeon and his talented staff, a generous donor/donor family, and because of the wonderful support of special friends and family members who helped me along the way – in sickness and along the path back to health. It was a very amazing process and has given me a lot to be thankful for.

I know that every day we as business officers are faced with challenges, whether they are in the work place or in our personal lives. What we sometimes forget is how much we impact the lives of other people – co-workers, faculty, staff, members of the public, and students. So, it is up to us to make the most of whatever it is our day has handed us! We as Business Officers are LEADERS in our field! We need to rise to the challenge of facing the day, being professional and personable along the way!

Our 2006 conference theme this year is “Facing the Day, Leading the Way”. As you are aware, our conference location has changed from New Orleans to San Diego. The Steering Committee was concerned that New Orleans might not be restored to working conditions for a conference by April 2006 so we deferred our meeting there until April 2007. We went with a “plan b” because we thought it was in the best interest of the conference participants and the conference itself. I hope you all will be pleased with the location, amenities, and the conference speakers and sessions that your steering committee has been working on. We hope that everyone who comes – and we are expecting RECORD numbers since our membership seems to be at an all time high – will come away with something – new information/knowledge, a new friend/acquaintance, new energy! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me or one of the other officers. My email is TCSatkowski@uams.edu

I encourage each and every one of you to attend the conference this year, participate in the sessions, submit a poster, bring a friend, and come prepared to be filled with knowledge and a GREAT time.

I look forward to seeing you all soon in SUNNY SAN DIEGO!


Deb Vogt - President Elect:

The months have flown by since our conference in Washington, DC. The site was fantastic to celebrate BONUS’s 20th anniversary. Plans are shaping up nicely for the April, 2006 conference that has been moved to San Diego due to the devastation of Katrina. I am looking forward to this conference as well as to the April, 2007 in New Orleans. I feel honored to serve the members of BONUS as your President-elect this year. This is a great organization with such outstanding talented people. I would encourage members to consider running for office and/or to volunteer for a committee. This is a great way to meet more people and to assist with the annual meetings. I look forward to seeing each of you in San Diego.

Rudy Gomez - Past President:

As the immediate past-president I want to take this opportunity to once again thank all the hard-working bonus officers who made the Bonus 20th Anniversary event so special and memorable. We had a record attendance in DC and networking and sharing of information was abundant, and in keeping with our theme. It was truly a time for remembering the past, celebrating the present, and through our discussions and topics, it was apparent that we were ready to embrace the challenges of the future. Over the past twenty years, I witnessed many changes in nursing administration …..but one thing that remains constant is the steadfast commitment in our nation’s business officers whose tenacity to serve our deans, faculty and students remains as strong as ever. We have always been a dedicated, committed and loyal group whose purpose is to foster and enhance our profession. In doing so, Bonus has been able to retain its special character and unique culture by providing a forum for building professional and personal friendships that will last a lifetime even for those that go on to other jobs. It is my hope that Bonus never strays from this core value system, and to help insure this, I challenge those of you who have been part of Bonus a while to consider being a mentor to a first timer. Mentoring occurred for many of us in the early years, but we did not call it mentoring---it was just being there for each other. Perhaps it was a natural response to a need to connect…..a need to share…..a need to know that we were not alone in what each of us does in the solitude of our respective schools. If this was your first or second Bonus meeting, I am confident that you were welcomed with open arms and are now ready to return for more. Continue returning to the conferences year after year to recharge and energize by building your own special bonds with fellow business officers as I have been fortunate to do.

This was a very special time for me personally to have witnessed Bonus’ evolution this past twenty years. I personally had a grand time in DC and hope each of you did as well.
It took a tremendous amount of effort by the steering committee chairs and committee members and I want to express my deep appreciation for your time, dedication, and hard work.

I am looking forward to Bonus 21. Facing the day----leading the way is one conference you won’t want to miss. This is a very appropriate theme for the first program of our third decade and our current steering committee is working hard to make it an exciting, productive, and energizing conference for all who attend.

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to have served as your president. It has truly been an honor and privilege.

Bill Wachob - Planning Committee Chair

Not knowing how long it would take New Orleans to recover from the recent hurricane and aftermath, we flip flopped conference locations and dates so that our 2006 BONUS Annual Meeting will be held in San Diego and the 2007 Annual Meeting will be held in New Orleans. AACN was able to re-negotiate our contract with the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street without penalty and we look forward to the 2007 conference there. For now, though, our sights are set on San Diego for 2006, with the theme “Facing the Day, Leading the Way”.

In October, Steering Committee members met in San Diego to plan the 2006 Annual Meeting and visit potential conference sites. We selected a wonderful, relatively smaller, elegant hotel for the conference, The Westin Horton Plaza, which is centrally located in downtown San Diego near national chain (e.g. Macy’s and Nordstrom), just two blocks from the Gaslamp area containing some 200 local restaurants and scores of small shops, and about five blocks from the water (though if you’re a surfer you’ll have a longer trek to the beaches as the waterfront near the downtown is taken up with the Convention Center, high rise hotels, and a marina). We have identified a range of wonderful restaurants for the small group dinners in the Gaslamp section and a fine restaurant with excellent food and a great view of San Diego for the large group dinner, Peohe’s, on Coronado Island a short ferry boat ride across the water from downtown.

The broad program outlines for our 2006 BONUS Annual Meeting have been set. Several excellent keynote and motivational speakers have been suggested and are being contacted, and planning is proceeding on choosing program and breakout session speakers on topics which tentatively include program costing, IT, ethics and integrity, disaster preparedness, nursing entrepreneurship, preparing for accreditation visits, and a poster session.

Most of our sessions are presented by our own BONUS colleagues who have the experience, inspiration and motivation to share their experience and know-how. After all, we are the ones trained and experienced doing this all day-to-day and our BONUS Annual Meeting is a wonderful national forum to present and share our knowledge as well as to gain feedback and to learn from our colleagues across the U.S.

While in many instances we have people in mind as presenters or leaders for these various program sessions, in others we are still identifying people to present. And even where we have selected a leader, they may be seeking co-presenters, so if you would like to speak on any of the above topics please email or call me to let me know of your interest and experience.

This year we will again give away scores of door prizes and will ask that everyone bring one premium from your school which can be raffled to a colleague. Formal announcement of this will be made over the listserv closer to the conference date.

Finally, San Diego is a wonderfully diverse city with loads of things to do, near the top of all U.S. cities in various polls for favorite vacation and family vacation spots. If you want to begin planning your trip you might consult with AAA or any of the published guides like Fodor’s, and also check out the following web sites:

San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau: http://www.sandiego.org/
Fodor’s Guide: http://www.fodors.com/miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=san_diego@136&cur_section=ove
Westin Hotel Site: http://www.starwoodhotels.com/westin/search/hotel_detail.html?propertyID=1009

I look forward to seeing you all, former and new BONUS members in San Diego!

Bill Wachob
BONUS Planning Committee Chair
Assistant Dean, School of Nursing, University at Buffalo

Jodi Degennaro - Special Projects Chair:
Special Projects Committee

It has been a busy 7 months since we were together and I am looking forward to seeing you all in April in San Diego. October was the first time I had been there and was very impressed with the city, our hotel, and the location. The Steering Committee has been planning an informative and fun conference and I know we’ll have a great time.

Special Projects has been quiet for a few months but has started to pick up the pace. We are currently working on sponsorships for the conference. If you know of a company that may be willing to sponsor one of events, i.e., luncheon, continental breakfasts, President’s reception, please send me an email with their name, address and phone number. You can reach me at digennar@adelphi.edu.

The poster session at our conference has always been a successful one. It is an optimum conduit for sharing your experiences/expertise with your colleagues. If you have currently finished (or are in the process of) a project and would like to share the process with us through a poster presentation, please let me know. Right now, the topics are open to the network. There are so many different events happening in each of our schools, it’s hard to pinpoint one topic for posters. A variety of topics is always welcome…you’d be surprised how many other business officers may be in “the same boat” as you or approaching it….and would like to know how other schools proceeded.

Lastly, I do keep an archive of all the past list serve questions and their replies. If you have an inquiry that may have been posted in the last few years and you would like to read the replies, just let me know. I would be happy to email you the set of emails. At some point, we would like to develop this into a journal to access on-line but for now I would like you all to know that it is available via email. Some of the past topics have been faculty incentive, doctoral program, background checks, job descriptions, budget cuts. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

See you all in San Diego.

Dale Walker - Nominating Committee Chair:
Nominating Committee

Look for a "call for nominations" in mid February. At the meeting in April we will be looking to elect the following positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Planning Committee Chair
  • Membership Committee Chair
  • Special Projects Committee Chair

Please be thinking about who you might want to nominate.

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