The purpose of the organization is to advance and enhance the professional skills or personnel working in the administration of nursing education in the areas of business, technology, finance, and administration within nursing schools, and to facilitate networking among members of the Business Officers of Nursing Schools group. The organization will also facilitate communications between the staff and officers of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the business officers of member schools.  Visit the BONUS website at


President’s Newsletter

February 2003

The BONUS Steering Committee met in Seattle, Washington the weekend of October 4, 2002 to finalize the conference plans for the upcoming San Antonio conference on April 23-25, 2003.  We also wanted to look for a suitable hotel for our 2004 conference that will be held in Seattle.

San Antonio, also referred to as the Fiesta City or Alamo City, is known for its annual festivities and place in history.  Each April brings the Fiesta San Antonio celebration; this event started more than 100 years ago to mark Texas’ independence and has continued through the years into what is now known as the 10 days of festivities marked by parades, balls, food fests, sporting events, concerts, and art shows.  Visitors are also drawn to the city to see historical landmarks like the Alamo or the Franciscan missions which developed along the river more than 2 centuries ago.  We are excited that our conference will be taking place during the Fiesta celebration. Check San Antonio out at

The theme for this year’s conference will be BONUS and Fiesta 2003 - A Celebration of Ideas and Knowledge.  We will be focusing on topics that BONUS members requested in the 2002 conference survey - financial concerns, team building, human resource issues, and an orientation session for committee members.  This year we will also tour the University of Texas Health Sciences Center - San Antonio.  Rudy Gomez who, is the business officer in the School of Nursing at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center - San Antonio, will lead the tour.

You should be receiving your BONUS conference brochure by mail very soon. You should also

be notified via our Listserv.  A link for on-line registration can be found at Because of the timing with FIESTA, please make your reservations early.  COME TO THE BONUS CONFERENCE!

If you have never attended a BONUS conference, I encourage you to do so.  The information you learn and the contacts you will make will certainly be worth the money and effort spent.  If you have questions regarding BONUS please feel free to contact me at 334-844-6750 or


The following BONUS Officers will be elected at the BONUS 18th Annual Meeting in San Antonio during the Friday morning business session:  President-Elect, Secretary, Networking Committee Chair, and Nominating Committee Chair.  Nominations for these positions will be solicited by email from all BONUS members by the Nominating Committee in mid February 2003, for response by March 7th.

The President-Elect is a 3-year commitment to serve as President-Elect, President, and then Past President.  All other officer positions are 2-year commitments.  The Secretary keeps minutes of the meetings and works with the President to obtain and distribute financial reports.  The Networking Committee Chair proposes and implements networking strategies, manages the BONUS Web site, and provides periodic newsletters and updates.  The Nominating Committee Chair presents a slate of candidates for all Steering Committee officers, runs the elections, and compiles lists of potential committee members for the committee chairs.  More complete descriptions of the responsibilities for these offices are in the BONUS By-laws at

In addition to the annual conference, Steering Committee officers are asked to attend a Planning Meeting in the Fall to plan for the Spring Conference. 

If you know of people who you believe could make a contribution to BONUS as an officer - yourself included (self nominations are accepted) - I encourage you to do so, and also to volunteer for service on any of the five BONUS committees (Membership, Networking, Nominating, Planning, and Special Projects).  Please don’t hesitate to contact Bill Wachob at or other officers and colleagues if you have questions about committees or the organization which are not answered by the information you find on the web site.


Tricia Satkowski-Harper, BONUS Planning Committee Chair, will be soliciting the help of the Planning Committee members with meeting details concerning our annual event in San Antonio, TX, April 23-25, 2003 in the coming weeks.  Any other BONUS members who would like to help in this area are also welcome to join in.  Please contact Tricia at


Call for Poster Presentations at our meeting in San Antonio, TX

For the past few years BONUS members have presented different types of topics that they thought would be helpful to other Business Officers.  Here are some suggestions:  maybe you have been through a budget reduction, involved in new building construction, have a procedure for managing employees, a special grant that your school was awarded, a special type of faculty practice your school is doing.  These are only a few examples or suggestions.  I’m sure there are other topics that would benefit your fellow BONUS members.  To Quote a Fellow BONUS Member: “There is always a better way of doing things and I know some one could show us how it is done.”

If you would like to present a poster, contact George Gunderson at or call 913-588-1604.  Hope to hear from some of you real soon.

I have enjoyed serving as the president of BONUS this year and would like to thank each of the members of the Steering Committee for their hard work and dedication.  BONUS is such a wonderful organization and I encourage each member to become more involved in YOUR organization.   I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING EACH OF YOU IN APRIL!

 Susie Miller, BONUS President