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Nursing Advancement Professionals


Overview: Headquartered in Washington DC, the Nursing Advancement Professionals (NAP) group is an American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) sponsored organization designed for advancement professionals with responsibilities and interests in areas of nursing philanthropy, public relations, marketing, alumni relations and institutional advancement.

Mission: The purpose of NAP is to foster and enhance development and alumni relations activities in Colleges of Nursing by sharing fundraising, marketing, public and community relations expertise, technical skills and experiences by members of the group through an annual conference and other communication outlets.

History: The group was established in 1998 as an educational and information sharing organization specifically for professionals in the field of academic nursing, fundraising and philanthropy. The group gradually expanded membership to meet the needs of advancement professionals whose institutional responsibilities include marketing, community relations, and public relations functions for AACN schools and colleges of nursing. The group has hosted, in conjunction with AACN, six annual spring conferences.


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